Our Systems

Grundy & Grundy system becomes uniquely your system.

Our Systems

At Grundy & Grundy, we believe each client deserves individualized attention and no process is stamped as standard. A Grundy & Grundy system becomes uniquely your system.

In fact, the Grundy & Grundy line includes different sizes of single screw extruders with capacities from 400 kg/hour to more than 1 tonne/hour. Naturally, we offer a choice of dryers/coolers, flavor coating and enrobing systems, and control systems as well. It's just one more reason Grundy & Grundy has become one of the world's leading suppliers of extrusion cooking systems for grain and food processing.

Our broad range of products makes it possible for Grundy & Grundy to match the machine(s) to the exact requirements of each customer, whether the application is: Food - ready-to-eat cereals, pastas, snack foods, breadings, and textured vegetable proteins.

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